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Fatty Liver Defined. Fatty liver cannot be defined as a disease condition by itself, but known to trigger diseases within. But even then it is known medically as fatty liver disease, a term used to define a situation where there is excess fat …

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Fat injections, also known at autologous fat transfer, is an ideal way to extract fat from an unwanted area of the body and to inject it into another part of the body further enhancing your looks.

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and Teen Mom 3 stars and teens Brittany DeJesus and Briana DeJesus all underwent plastic surgery operations in Miami on Sunday, and all three women are doing well. Dr. Michael Salzhauer aka Dr. Miami performed the procedures on Lowry, 23, Brittany, 21, and Briana, 24

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Cosmetic surgery to rid feet of fat toes, coined ‘toe-besity’, is on the rise. An odd-looking toe is a source of great embarrassment for many Americans who are turning to podiatrists for toe re-shaping surgery.

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A teen in Florida had the “world’s first” penis reduction surgery to grow an erection and have sex.

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A top Beverly Hills & Los Angeles plastic surgeon, Dr. Ghavami specializes in plastic surgery procedures for the face, breasts and body. If you are ready to transform your appearance then take the first step by contacting the office of …

Are you considering body contouring? The articles in this Consumer Guide provide information on numerous body-shaping and contouring options. You’ll read about implants, redistributing body fat, panniculectomy, abdominal etching, labiaplasty, spider vein treatment, cellulite treatments, overall body lift plastic surgery, and much more.

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Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, is a commonly performed cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that can reduce the appearance of unsightly bulges and help you attain a slim, svelte physique.

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